Sea turtle and wildlife Volunteer trip in Mexico

15 days for experience Mexican life as a local travelling as a volunteer along Oaxaca coast & protecting turtles, crocodiles, deers, jungle wildlife, educating children, and more!

The mission of the volunteer trip is to strengthen the conservation work of local groups by supporting their activities, such as patrolling the beach, protecting sea turtle nests from poachers, monitoring wildlife, doing ecotourism tours, raising awareness with children in the communities about different topics such as species conservation, plastic pollution, etc.

Wait for the most impressive spectacle during your volunteer trip!

That’s not all! You may live one of the most beautiful things during your volunteer experience in Mexico: the Arribada, a mass nesting phenomenon of olive ridley sea turtle.

This volunteering trip for the conservation of wildlife covers the most important beaches for olive ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) worldwide, since they have a synchronous mass-nesting behaviour, which occurs just in twelve beaches over the planet, termed arribada. This beach is also relevant for the green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) and the leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea). 


Indigenous, wild and full of turtles

Our volunteering activities during the trip in Oaxaca, Mexico, depending on the season, will be:

  • Night patrols in the beach to protect sea turtles and their eggs, collecting eggs to protect them in the hatchery. 
  • Ecotourism experiences that funds local conservation projects (boat trips, hiking tours)
  • Environmental workshops with children of the communities environmental brigades
  • Planting of medicinal, fruit and native trees.
  • Placing/removing photo-trap cameras to monitor fauna
  • Maintentance of the white-tailed deers rescued by the environmental police
  • Baby crocodiles maintenance during their first year of life
  • Camping in nature, as well as some ecotourism activities that fund conservation (observing arribada phenomenon, boat trip in the lagoon, hikking)
  • Accompaniment in rural entrepreneurship projects such as traditional bread baking in a wood-fired oven
  • And many more activities needed depending on the needs.

Travel and volunteer in Mexico

and live an unforgettable experience

Communities where you will live during the volunteering experience

The best airport to arrive for the volunteering trip is Puerto Escondido (PXM) and the best to departure will be Huatulco (HUX). We will accompany you from the airport to the local project in public transport, so you won’t be alone!

Our itinerary depends of the seasons, social and environmental needs. Is it complicated to work in all the projects in 15 days, but we will visit at least 4 projects, being able to visit up to 7 communities along Oaxaca coast during our volunteering trip: Escobilla, Morro Ayuta beach, El Gavilán jungle, La Ventanilla, Puerto Ángel, Chacahua and Manialtepec.

Our volunteering trip intinerary in Mexico

This itinerary is a sample of what activities we usually do, but our itinerary will depend on natural and social circumstances:

Arriving in Manialtepec: Horse Connection in a Mexican Paradise

On the first day, we will take you to Manialtepec, a town known for its strong connection with horses and its typically Mexican rural environment, surrounded by lush forests and rolling hills. We will begin with an introduction to the program, followed by a leisurely ride to get acquainted with the new environment and the natural beauty of San José Manialtepec.

Our team will provide support from Puerto Escondido airport to this exciting project by public transport, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

A Soothing Escape: Explore Manialtepec’s Natural Hot Springs

On the second day, get ready to embark on an enriching adventure in Manialtepec. We’ll embark on a scenic one-hour hike, tracing the path along the river, occasionally crossing its currents. Our destination? The soothing hot spring waters, a place that has been cherished by the indigenous Chatino communities of Manialtepec for generations as a source of natural healing. Today, you can rejuvenate your body and soul by immersing yourself in these rejuvenating waters, leaving you feeling utterly relaxed and refreshed, just like the locals have experienced for centuries.

Cooking, Cleanups, and Celestial Views: Your Day in Oaxaca

On the third morning, we’ll dive into the local culture as Eneida teaches us how to make tortillas and traditional Mexican dishes.

Later in the afternoon, we’ll head to the beach, crossing the river by boat, offering opportunities to spot birds and maybe even some small crocodiles! As the sun sets, we’ll join together for a beach cleanup at Puerto Suelo, followed by a beachfront bonfire, providing a chance to stargaze beneath the brilliant night sky. And during the rainy season, you might be treated to the enchanting sight of fireflies!

local experience in Mexico, traditional mexican cooking

A Boat Expedition to Remember: Lagunas de Chacahua’s Beauty

On the fourth day, we’ll visit the stunning Lagunas de Chacahua National Park, which spans a vast area of 132 square kilometers. This place is a natural wonderland, with lush mangrove forests, calm lagoons, and a diverse range of wildlife. We’ll team up with the local group ‘Ecoturismo y Aventura Lagunas de Chacahua’ to help with conservation tasks like planting trees or monitoring crocodiles. And as part of our nature experience, we’ll take a boat expedition through the expansive lagoon, passing by the magnificent mangrove forests and cruising through beautiful tree tunnels.

boat trip in Chacahua Mexico ecotourism experience

Day Off in Puerto Escondido: Surf, Turtles, and Cuisine

Day 5 marks your first free day! A fantastic choice is exploring Puerto Escondido, where you can bask in the beauty of Carrizalillo Beach or Coral. Take a dip and spot turtles feeding among the rocks! And don’t forget to savor a delicious meal in this vibrant surfer city.

Explore beaches in Puerto Escondido during your volunteer trip

Sunset Serenity: Releasing Turtles at Escobilla Beach

On the sixth day, our journey takes us to Escobilla, where we’ll witness the mesmerizing arribada phenomenon, a breathtaking spectacle, where thousands of turtles nest simultaneously. As part of this extraordinary experience, we’ll have the privilege of releasing baby turtles into the sea as the sun sets, all under the care of Centro Ecoturistico Escobilla.

baby turtles releasing in a turtle camp in Oaxaca Mexico

Connecting with Escobilla’s Future: Kids and Turtles

On the 7th day, we’ll team up with Escobilla’s young environmental brigade, participating in an engaging environmental awareness workshop and taking part in sustainability initiatives. As the night falls, we’ll lend our support to the local group, aiding in the protection of sea turtles. This involves observing our guide collecting and safeguarding nests in a hatchery, where the group will protect them until the baby turtles emerge for, approximately, 45 days.

environmental education with children in Mexico as part of the volunteering trip

Chasing Whales and Sunsets at Punta Cometa

On the 9th day, we’re joining Azul Profundo, a local ecotourism group, along with passionate young biologists from SICEA to monitor marine life, with a special focus on whales.

In the morning, we’ll hop on a boat, spotting and documenting various species. Plus, we’ll take some time for snorkeling in a beautiful Puerto Angel bay. Later, during whale season (from November to March), we’ll head to Mazunte to continue our quest for these majestic creatures.

The day wraps up at Punta Cometa, Mexico’s most breathtaking cliff, where you can witness both sunrise and sunset.

volunteer monitoring marine fauna in Mexico

Free day: Discover Huatulco’s Natural Wonders

On the 8th day, you’ll have the incredible opportunity to explore Huatulco and its stunning bays, national park, or enchanting waterfalls during your free day.

Into the Wild: El Gavilan Jungle Expedition

On the 11th day, we’ll venture into El Gavilan Jungle, a sprawling evergreen forest covering 1,130 hectares and guarded by 70 individuals born in this very land. Their commitment to conservation led them to dedicate themselves to protect this pristine habitat.

During our visit, we’ll actively contribute to these efforts by utilizing camera traps to monitor wildlife, planting fruit trees to sustain the local fauna, and engaging in ecotourism activities. After a full afternoon of hiking, we’ll camp surrounded by the captivating sounds of the jungle.

This night presents a unique opportunity for wildlife monitoring, providing chances to encounter armadillos, deer, and owls before going to sleep.

hiking in the jungle in Oaxaca during the volunteer trip in Mexico

From Jungle Brew to Coastal Views

As the 12th day dawns in the jungle, we’ll taste freshly brewed coffee by the morning fire.

After packing up, our path leads us to see crocodiles closely, where we’ll rest for the afternoon and connect with the community on our adventure.

see crocodiles in Oaxaca

From History to Dunes: A Day off in San Pedro and Chipehua

As our last free day, we propose an enriching tour that takes you through two additional communities.

Our journey commences in San Pedro de Huamelula, a community brimming with history and renowned for its unique rural enterprises, including the production of corn-based beer and Iviscus wine.

Be sure to visit the captivating local church before we head to our final destination: the awe-inspiring Chipehua Dunes. Here, you’ll be treated to a surreal landscape: a coastal desert adorned with graceful sand dunes that stretch towards the sea.

Chipehua dunes experience

Baking with Bread Bakers and Turtle Farewell

On our final day, we’ll have the privilege of spending it with the traditional bread bakers of Huamelula, right in the Río Seco community. We’ll dive into the art of breadmaking, getting our hands doughy and enjoying the hands-on experience. As the day turns to night, we’ll head to the beach for a heartfelt farewell to the turtles, in the world’s second most important nesting site for olive ridley sea turtles.

bake traditional bread in Mexico during your volunteer trip

Journey’s End

We have to say goodbye on the 15th day of this volunteering trip. We will use the morning to pick up our things, take some breakfast and get to our next destination!

The closest airport to departure will be Huatulco (HUX)

sea turtles mass nesting phenomenon in oaxaca

A typical day on our volunteering trip in Mexico

Every day is different.

We are aware that many of you don’t have many time to know what actually Mexico is. For that, we choose different activities to try to show you how amazing the coast of Oaxaca is, as well as choosing different traditional food, mostly vegetarian.

During 15 days, you will visit different places, working with different people to protect different animals and natural habitats. We made this program to be able to involve you making an impact to local projects that share our values of protecting nature and wildlife, at the same time that you experience Mexico as they live it. You will live the authentic Mexico as if you were a local.

Volunteering experiences dates, 2023/24

We have calls for volunteering groups in Mexico to be involved in the conservation experiences every month to support local groups! These dates are set when there is the effect of the waning moon, so we have more chances to see the mass nesting phenomenon, but it is never sure.

dates for volunteering in Mexico with wildlife and sea turtles

And more experiences during our volunteer trip!

We cannot forget to explain how beautiful is to educate children. They are environmental brigades that aim to protect their community, nature and the species. They are full of energy and good will to make their community better, so we will help them to be prepared to be changemakers!

night patrol to protect turtles

Experiences don’t stop there, patrolling at night is an amazing adventure, where the stars bright enough to show you the way to protect turtles!

Mexico is well known for their amazing sunsets, which we will enjoy while cleaning the beach from plastics, having the best landscape knowing that you are helping to keep the place wild and amazing as it should be.

We are improving and using opportunities during each call for volunteers, every month, new activities show up: birds monitoring, supporting traditional building for the conservation groups, sewing the netting of the hatchery for baby turtles, … 


  • Shared rooms within the communities where we work (Manialtepec, Escobilla, Ventanilla, Morro Ayuta)
  • 3 meals per day during working days. Lunch and dinner elaborated by oaxacan cook to whom we will help when possible (there are options for vegetarians and vegans).
  • Bottled water
  • Local guides who will teach you to understand nature in a completely different way.
  • Activities coordinador to unlock your full potential
  • Basic material to work and for common using.
  • Volunteering certificate.
  • Liability insurance, although you will need a travel insurance
  • Accompaniment in public transport between the conservation projects.


  • National or international flights
  • Travel insurance (required)
  • Transport and meals during 3 free days
  • Special drinks or snacks food
  • Visa (if needed)
  • Drop off. It will ve very easy as we travel in public transport!

$ 21,990 MXN ≈ 1.200* €


You may visit from 4-7 conservation projects along the entire Oaxaca coast

*Currency exchange: 1€ ≈ 18.00 MXN aprox.

per day (part of the trip)

$1,850 MXN ≈ 102 Euros


If you want to join us for part of the trip. it is possible!

*Currency exchange: 1€ ≈ 18.00 MXN aprox.

Book your spot for the volunteering trip with the coordinator!


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