El Gavilan Jungle

The El Gavilán group is located in the municipal agency of San Francisco Cozoaltepec, coordinated by a group of over 70 people from the municipality who organized themselves to protect one of the most cherished places for them: the El Gavilán hill, an evergreen forest that harbors incredible biodiversity.

This group is dedicated to the study and preservation of biodiversity. Due to the scarcity of funds to support the committed individuals, they began developing trails and viewpoints to showcase their conservation work.

Among the most relevant species they protect are the Puma, Ocelot, Margay, Deer, and countless birds like the Emerald toucanet.


The jungle from which the beauty of the Oaxacan coast is admired.


Jungle tour

If you’re into birdwatching and exploring diverse plant species with traditional medicinal uses in Oaxaca, join us on a journey through waterfalls, streams, and a panoramic viewpoint overlooking the Oaxacan coast.

Species monitoring

monitoring of jungle species in Oaxaca

If you want to venture into the jungle and participate in an ecotourism activity for conservation, the group offers a tour to find the best spot to place a camera trap for monitoring wildlife.

Tree planting

tree planting as a part of the tour in the jungle, Oaxaca coast

As part of their efforts, the group conducts reforestations with native plants to sustain a lush and biodiverse jungle. During our tour, we might need to transport some trees for subsequent planting.r

Representative of El Gavilán group

Meet Virgilio, the representative for the group of over 70 individuals dedicating their lands to biodiversity preservation. Once used for cultivation, primarily coffee, Virgilio is pictured here explaining the traditional processes involved in marketing this natural product. Currently, these lands have ceased cultivation to promote biodiversity conservation, becoming the home for wildlife.

Virgilio, he main guide in El Gavilán

They divide the work between four groups called fauneros, where Isidro, Viliulfo and other land-owners work every day to learn, study and protect the wildlife in El Gavilán Jungle.

El Gavilán welcomes visitors all year round.


Best time:  09:00 – 16:00 pm
Send a whatsapp directly to Virgilio to make your reservation.

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