Morro Ayuta beach

If you are traveling in Oaxaca and are looking for one of the best beaches in the world to see sea turtles, Morro Ayuta is a must stop on your trip!

In Morro Ayuta you will be able to contemplate one of the most spectacular places in the world: the massive nesting of sea turtles, called arribada. From June to March thousands of turtles decide to nest together for 3 to 5 days so that their hatchlings have a better chance of survival, reaching more than one million Olive Ridley turtles (Lepidochelys olivacea) nestings in a year.

Flor del Pacífico. Ecotourism group

We introduce you to Flor del Pacífico, the group that will accompany you during your experience at Morro Ayuta beach. The team of 15 people, natives of the community of Rio Seco, seek the protection of sea turtles and the economic development of their community through ecotourism, a tool with which they want to achieve an alternative to the illegal extraction of sea turtle eggs for consumption.

Morro Ayuta is a virgin beach, with very few buildings around it. Flor del Pacífico has its restaurant and three cabins facing the sea. Made with materials from the region, their size and purpose are perfectly suited to have a sustainable and respectful activity with the surrounding ecosystem.

Services offered by Flor del Pacífico


As a good restaurant in front of the sea, the specialty of the group could not be other than fish and seafood, also offering snacks such as quesadillas, empanadas, breakfasts such as entomatadas, eggs as well as tacos, sandwiches, among others.

Cabins and camping in front of the sea

cabañas frente al mar

They have three cabins overlooking the sea and a very large space for camping with access to bathroom and shower. A place full of birds and tranquility to be able at night to go to the tours with local guides for the observation of sea turtles.

Sea turtle watching

Morro Ayuta is a beach of high ecological value, as it is surrounded by different ecosystems which harbor a great biodiversity.

To see sea turtles during the arribada phenomenon, you can come during the waning moon effect between the months of June and March, with the largest arrivals taking place in September and October. The natural hatchlings are 45 days after the last arribada.

ecoturismo costa de Oaxaca

How to get to

To get to Morro Ayuta you have to enter through the crossroads of the community of Río Seco, where you can get there by public transportation from Huatulco or Salina Cruz. From there you can walk or take a motorcycle cab to take you to the town.

The beach is about 4 km from Río Seco, all on sandy roads, so low or low-powered cars are not recommended, since in the rainy season (June-July to October) they can get stuck on the road. We recommend contacting the group before arrival so that they can recommend the best option.

Flor del Pacifico welcomes visitors all year round.

Customer service hours

Open 24 hours.

To book a tour, consult the most recommended dates for sea turtle watching.


Tel. Hermelinda Gómez: +52 9951020036