Conservation projects in Mexico


Starting environmental workshops in Escobilla and Ventanilla, we gave a next step creating the environmental brigades!

Pollination project supported us to strengthen the groups to protect their environment.

We’ve focused the project that they supported on humming birds and their conservation in Oaxaca with them.

Creating an Environmental Brigade in Mexico (

Barreras del medio rural y alternativas sostenibles para la conservación de la tortuga marina en la Comunidad de Escobilla, estado de Oaxaca, Mexico.

Evolution of Ecotourism in Coastal Indigenous Communities: Comparison of the Case Studies of La Ventanilla and La Escobilla in Oaxaca, Mexico

  • Published in: Sustainability |
  • Author/s: Clara Cordón 1; Beatriz Carmena 2; Martín C. Giménez 1; José L. García 1; Carlos Calderon-Guerrero 1

Strengthening local conservation work of sea turtles of Escobilla indigenous community cooperative during COVID crisis

Together with Kowabunga Ecoproject, we coordinated the project this project. The main activities were:

  • Studying and implementing alternatives for financing the protection of sea turtles through ecotourism,
  • Purchasing materials to repair the facilities after Hurricane Agatha,
  • Repairing the road to the turtle camp
  • Purchasing other materials such as wheels for the quad, the main tool during night patrols.
  • Buying materials for the environmental education workshops.
  • This project also helped financially to design the volunteer program and initiate its pilot phase, which started together with the Escobilla Ecotourism Center.

Link: Van Tienhoven Foundation