Ecotourism in Oaxaca

Community projects for the conservation of nature.

If you are going to visit Oaxaca, you cannot miss the experience offered by the local communities on the Oaxaca Coast with their community ecotourism projects.

Our allies for the conservation of natural resources in Oaxaca are the community groups of La Ventanilla, Escobilla and El Gavilán, which offer tours and ecotourism activities in Mexico as their main source of funding of their conservation work.


Local group dedicated to conservation and ecotourism in Oaxaca. Expert navigators, they will show you by boat a lagoon full of biodiversity: turtles, crocodiles and birds reign the place.


The community group has been dedicated to protect the most important Olive Ridley Turtle Nesting Sanctuary since 1997 from turtle poaching and poaching of their eggs.

El Gavilan

El Gavilán is an Area Voluntarily Donated to Conservation thanks to the perseverance in the protection and study of its more than 1,000 ha cared for its more than 30 owners

With community groups you will be able to do these numerous regenerative tourism activities, since they are in charge of protecting and improving the conditions of natural resources for the protection of endangered species.




  • Release baby turtles to the sea.
  • Sea turtles watching while they are laying eggs in the beach, mostly during the night.
  • Acutus crocodile watching by boat, in a safe environment with an expert guide.
  • Birds watching in El Gavilán or by boat in Ventanilla Lagoon.
  • To feed and care confiscated deers in the Management Area for wildlife in Ventanilla.
  • To hike in the jungle and go to one of the most impressive viewpoints of the coast.

If you are looking for a great experience on your trip and see the most beautiful and unknown places in Oaxaca, they are your best choice.