Hiking and horseback riding tours in Manialtepec

Traveling in Oaxaca and looking for a unique horseback riding or hiking experience that takes you to hidden corners, sunset views on a pristine beach, or natural hot springs?

Look no further than Ecoturismo Manialtepec, the group that can show you the beauty of the incredible nature in their community. Join their horseback riding, hikking and boat tours in Manialtepec and explore the hidden gems of this breathtaking region.

Tours and activities in Oaxaca, Manialtepec ecotourism

With a great variety of ecotourism destinations within Manialtepec, we show you three tours offered by Ecoturismo Manialtepec, very close to Puerto Escondido, so you can go and come back in the same day if you are staying in this wonderful surfing city.

Horseback riding


This is for you if you are looking to connect with horses that live in freedom while enjoying the beauty of Oaxaca. You will have several routes to choose from: the hot springs, sunsets in Puerto Suelo or the Punta Escondida Manialtepec, where a great surprise awaits you

Boat tours

As part of the journey to Puerto Suelo, crossing the Manialtepec river will take you to an impressive Mexican reality, full of biodiversity and shades of green, while enjoying a completely environmentally friendly tour in a paddle canoe

Hot Springs tour

One of the most special places around Manialtepec, where you can enjoy warm waters in natural pools born from hot springs that connect with the river


Community of caballerangos in harmony with nature

Ecotourism Manialtepec is a pioneer in ecotourism tours in the town and its surroundings. As a primarily livestock community, ecotourism has provided an alternative source of income that does not require the exploitation of natural resources, allowing several families to have a quality job receiving people who want to experience the natural wonders of their Oaxacan community without depleting their natural resources.

Ecoturismo Manialtepec Team

There are 12 partners who provide the best attention, seeking trust between visitors and the horses they ride, all with respect and kindness.

equipo manialtepec

Planning to do a tour or an activity in Manialtepec? Here’s what you need to know to book your horseback riding, hiking or boat tour and arrive properly to Manialtepec to start your experience in Puerto Suelo, the thermal waters or Punta Escondida!

Ecotourism Manialtepec welcomes visitors all year round.


Sunset tours:  15:00 – 19:00 pm
There are more tours throughout the day depending on the itinerary

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