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travelling in Oaxaca safety
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Is Oaxaca safe?

For all travellers is normal to question if Oaxaca is safe to visit. Oaxaca is a wonderful state known for its rich cultural diversity, the variety of its natural landscapes and biodiversity, we’ll discuss safety for visitors travelling to Oaxaca, share tips for a secure trip, its different regions and highlight must-visit destinations in Oaxaca, …

impacto del programa de voluntariado en mexico
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Volunteering in Mexico. Program impact results 2022

As the first post of our blog, we are going to share the impact obtained thanks to the volunteer program during part of 2021 and this year, 2022. Every year gives many challenges for everyone and this 2022 has been crucial for Tartarukus and our volunteer and solidarity tourism program. Started in 2021, with the …

moverse por la costa de Oaxaca

Everything you need to know to get to know Oaxaca in its purest state. Mobility, places, activities and local services

conservacion de tortugas marinas en mexico

Learn about Oaxacan community-led conservation projects and our impact as Tartarukus.


Learn why Oaxaca’s nature is so important, its biodiversity of species and all it has to offer.


Conservation, ecotourism, biodiversity, beautiful projects and their impact. Everything you need to know about the coast of Oaxaca.