Meet us

My name is Beatriz and I am the founder of this project.

Thanks to Kowabunga Ecoproject, I came to the Oaxacan coast in 2016, directly to Morro Ayuta, a wild beach that attracts more than a million turtles a year.

After several years coming back to Oaxaca coast as a student, volunteer and friend to the people who lived there, I started Tartarukus.

Tartarukus was born thanks to the community groups dedicated to conservation in Oaxaca. Our Conservation Experiences project began with the team from the Escobilla Ecotourism Center. Together we guided the first group of volunteers in August 2021.

What do people talk about Tartarukus?


Alessandro dedicated a space in his youtube channel, introducing us to the world through his great initiative that encourages the collaboration and participation of Italians in the conservation of nature.


After a review of one of the projects carried out by the Pollination project team, they gave me the opportunity to participate in an interview, in which I shared my motivations to lead a project within Tartarukus “creating environmental brigades”. From that interview, they decided to dedicate a space for me on their website: (Creating an Environmental Brigade in Mexico ( With great gratitude, I would like to share the following paragraph from that article:

“Beatriz’s message is one of inspiration and hope as she focuses on creating a generation of protectors of Nature, that understands the true importance of caring for our natural world.”

 Natasha Reilly-Moynihan

I am deeply grateful for the visit of all the volunteers who have participated in the growth process of our conservation programs, the activities developed by our partners in Ventanilla, Escobilla, El Gavilán and Morro Ayuta, as well as Tartarukus. Thus, I share some of the opinions that have left us in Volunteerworld: (Reviews Volunteer World)