Tartarukus – Conservation & Volunteering


Experiences for conservation

Look at our 15-days volunteer program! With them, we make the conservation work possible.

Conservation projects

We support community groups by seeking for funds to monitor and protect threatened species .

Our goal is to ensure that the conservation becomes a quality livehood for people who live in ecological places with great value


Tartarukus meaning

Tartarukus: “Underworld inhabitant”

Greek people named the tortoises Tartarukus , which meaning is “Underworld inhabitant“. They thought that turtles, emerging from the darkest swamps, were the bridge between the underworld realm and the surface.

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la playa mas bonita de Mexico

To promote sustainable tourism as a tool for the species conservation


voluntariado educación ambiental con niños

To spread the values of a life not based on the exploitation of natural resources



To strengthen local groups dedicate to the conservation of species and natural areas

This project would not work without our allies

Centro Ecoturístico Escobilla

Centro Ecoturístico Escobilla

This community group has been dedicated for more than 20 years to the conservation of the most important sanctuary for the olive ridley sea turtle in the world

Servicios Ecoturísticos La Ventanilla

Servicios de La Ventanilla

Dedicated to the conservation of one of the best preserved mangroves in Oaxaca Coast, this community group are certificated as Indigenous Paradise.

ADVC El Gavilán

ADVC El Gavilán en Cozoaltepec

This group donated their jungle for the conservation. For 7 years, they have been studying, monitoring and protecting this amazing jungle of more than 1000ha

colaboración en proyectos de conservacion mexico

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