Donations for those affected by Hurricane Agatha

Huracane Agatha on its way in Oaxaca.

The Hurricane Agatha on May 30 was one of the greatest catastrophes that occurred since 1997 on the Oaxaca Coast. Its passage, slow but devastating, lasted more than 5 hours through the community of Ventanilla with winds of more than 200km/h.

The inhabitants of Ventanilla have been taking care of their mangrove swamp since Hurricane Paulina hit their coast, devastating everything in its path. They reforested the mangrove swamp, banned fishing in its waters and cared for all the animals in the area, especially the crocodiles ever since.

Since that hurricane, the community of Ventanilla has made a great effort to recover its precious mangrove and its town, reforesting and building their homes with ecological materials such as palm.

Again, they are ready to lift everything with your help.

Call to action

With your donation, we will restore normality to the community and its daily conservation activities.

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