Travel to Oaxaca for the conservation

Join us to one of the most unique places in all of Mexico, the Oaxaca Coast, where the diversity of cultures, landscapes, fauna and flora offer you an exciting experience. In the middle of this tropical paradise, there are many community projects focused on making you live the most authentic Mexico, where nature and the rural world cannot be missing.

Get to know them with us:


To fund community conservation projects, we engage people in activities led by local groups on the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico, offering volunteer experiences for the conservation of sea turtles and endangered species for 11 days each month, bringing together groups of people who intend to give a little of their time to improve biodiversity protection and rural development.

We also work to disseminate community projects dedicated to ecotourism, as well as develop projects with the communities to strengthen conservation activities. One of our most outstanding projects is the creation of environmental brigades with children from the communities of Ventanilla and Escobilla.

Our goal is to make conservation a quality livelihood for people living in rural places of great ecological value.




Promote sustainable tourism as a means for the conservation of species.


voluntariado para la conservacion en Mexico

Disseminate the values of a life not based on the exploitation of natural resources..


Voluntariado con tortugas marinas en México

Strengthen local groups dedicated to the conservation of species and natural areas.

This project would not work without our allies

Our local partners offer ecotourism services in the coast of Oaxaca. So, if you are planning to get to know Mexico in depth and in a different way, you can’t miss in your travel plan the community projects and collaborate for the conservation of biodiversity, living a unique experience with them.

Centro Ecoturístico Escobilla

Centro Ecoturístico Escobilla

Grupo comunitario se ha dedicado desde hace más de 20 años a la conservación del Santuario más importante para la anidación de la tortuga golfina a nivel mundial

Servicios Ecoturísticos La Ventanilla

Servicios de La Ventanilla

Dedicados a la conservación de uno de los manglares mejor preservados de la Costa de Oaxaca, este grupo comunitario ha ganado el certificado de Paraíso Indígena

ADVC El Gavilán

ADVC El Gavilán en Cozoaltepec

Este grupo donó la selva El Gavilán a la conservación y desde hace 7 años estudian y vigilan que la selva no sufra amenazas y preserve sus increíbles maravillas.

Ecoturismo manialtepec

Ecoturismo Manialtepec

Siendo los pioneros en ecoturismo en Manialtepec, muestran las bellezas de su pueblo, protegiendo la naturaleza y dando una experiencia especial a los visitantes montando en caballos, los cuales viven en libertad, durante el atardecer en la playa.

Flor del Pacífico

Reiniciando este increíble proyecto de ecoturismo, Flor del Pacífico se enfrenta a la caza furtiva de nidos de tortugas marinas, protegiendo a las hembras durante sus recorridos nocturnos con los visitantes de forma totalmente segura.

If you are looking to get to know them traveling in the hands of someone who knows the coast and its people well and together with a group of travelers with the same initiative, we have developed the 11 days for conservation program. For 11 days, everything will be organized so that you can experience nature in the same way that the communities do, actively participating in the protection of wildlife and natural areas.


Live the most authentic Mexico

Our external partners are essential for us to reach more people who want to get involved in conservation through this program:

What do they say about us?

We are deeply grateful for the visit of all the volunteers who have participated in the growth process of our conservation programs, the activities developed by our partners in Ventanilla, Escobilla, El Gavilán and Morro Ayuta, as well as Tartarukus.

We share with you some of the reviews that have left us in Volunteerworld: (Reviews Volunteer World)

Quand vous arrivez à La Ventanilla, Beatriz vous présente aux personnes de la communauté, toutes chaleureuses et bienveillantes. Les activités que Beatriz a mise en place sont toujours juste de sens pour protéger ce bel environnement et les espèces qui y vivent. Je n’ai jamais vu un lieu aussi rempli de vie que la lagune! Sortir en barque la nuit tombée avec des biologistes pour répertorier les crocodiles ou patrouiller sur la plage pour récolter et mettre à l’abris les nids des tortues c’est incroyable, on en apprend des choses grâce à Tartarukus !!
Tiphaine E
Volunteer Feb/2022
Beatriz is doing a wonderful job running a complex and worthwhile program to help protect the turtles. Everything was organised well with a warm and friendly team. It was awesome to be able to help the baby turtles have a greater chance of surviving. Also incredible to see the mothers lay eggs and be there to make sure none were taken by poachers.
Michael N
Volunteer Dic/2021
It was a real honour being present as the females released their eggs and we conserved them for safe keeping and to prepare new nest for incubation in the hatchery. We had various night patrols with fabulous local guides and also visited the nature reserve with Iguana, Crocodile and deer (which I loved).
The lovely ladies, who were also our guides on some nights, cooked lunch and dinner for us and excelled as the food was varied and delicious. I am a vegan and coeliac so they had their work cut out. 🙂 On one of the days; we went to the jungle and were met with more lovely guides and had a day strolling through the jungle. I very much hope to return again and be a part of this warmhearted, caring family again.
Aline D
Volunteer Dec/2022
 Muy enriquecedor. Ha sido maravilloso poder contemplar la naturaleza de México y ayudar en su conservación y divulgación para su mejora. Voluntariado lleno de aventuras y nuevos aprendizajes, que hace que las personas den lo mejor de sí mismas para una muy buena causa.
Jara G
Volunteer Aug/2021
 Buena experiencia! Experiencia vital súper importante. Me ha encantado disfrutar de un México más profundo y auténtico. Convivir más con la gente de allí; participar en las actividades con tortugas. Todo de 10!
Estefanía R
Volunteer sep/2022
I am so happy I signed up for this programme. Beatriz is an amazing women and she really did her outstanding best to make the trip great. I did things I never did in my life with all sorts of animals and I met the most amazing sweet Mexican people. I can recommend this to everyone!
Claire V
Volunteer nov/2022